Angelina who??

Friday, November 6, 2009

Excuse me but what does a 3yr old know about beauty? A couple of weeks ago while giving thanks my 3yr old said, "thank you for Angelina!" Knowing there's a little Brazilian girl in his class named Angelina I followed by asking him if that's who he was referring to and he said yes. So I had to ask, "Do you like Angelina?" To my amazement something that was usually followed with a yes "he/she is my friend" was now followed by, "She's beautiful!"... He continued to mention her more often at home so like any curious mother would do I asked one of his teachers if he even spoke to Angelina during class. The teacher's response: "Who are you telling!! He has been like this since the first week of school. Angelina, Angelina... It's too much! Just today he was calling her not even 5min after waking up from nap time! I don't understand how he can know what he likes at such a young age!"... Perhaps that was more than I expected to hear. My baby in love?? No way! I'm not ready for this people! ha!!!

Needless to say the Angelina craze continues to date... I've lost my baby to Angelina!! Jen I now know how it feels!!!
(now that was too easy... for the 5 people reading this... I'M JUST KIDDING!!)

You've got a friend in me!

Happy belated Halloween y'all!


Anonymous said...

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Earthy Beginnings said...

ahh *blushing* thank you!!

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