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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just recently I wrote a post over at designing moms blog regarding modern toy boxes. I figured I'd share here as well... Enjoy!

"Fuji Toy Box by Argington"

Working with a limited living space I've had to rearrange furniture 100 times since my son was born to accommodate everyone but primarily to preserve my sanity! Key to keeping this place looking organized is having workable storage/toy boxes. Here are some modern toy boxes that would compliment any modern nursery and/or living room and some also have the Green Factor plus! Check them out:

1. Stella Stackable Collection by Q Collection JuniorTM
Retail: $315 -$365 per storage cube
Green Factor:
100% recycled wood, no formaldehyde added medium density fiberboard construction. Non-toxic, free VOC health hazards, water-based finish.

2. The Owyn Toy Box by Mod Mom Furniture
Retail: $350
Green Factor:
Made with eco-friendly birch plywood, non-toxic paints (inside and leaf lids) and non-toxic, low voc water-based polyurethane, and hand-drawn, hand-cut walnut veneer for "branch."

3. Mojo Toy Box by The Land of Nod
Retail: $249

4. Fuji Toy Box by Argington
Retail: $349
Green Factor:
The Fuji Toy Box is made from renewable and sustainably harvested low voc birch plywood. We use non toxic and pollutant free finishes and our production facilities are energy efficient to reduce waste and energy.

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