Earthy Beginnings Commercial pt. 2

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm so excited to share this beautiful project with you all... Just be sure to crank up your amps speakers!!! Huge shout out to every single person that helped this project come together! 

Read more about this project over at Onward Films Blog.


So Stylish So Sassy said...

those lil rebels were so cute!

Christopher Lee said...

Now that I had the chance to shoot those little guys in your cool digs, when are you going to make a design for us "older" rock stars? Your line rocks and my son can't get enough of his shirt.

Earthy Beginnings said...

Chris I can't thank you and Gina enough... this was so much fun, hope to have an opportunity again to work with you. Regarding the "older" rock stars, there's something in the works... You'll be the first to know!

Keila said...

I wanted to ask the same about something for the "older" rock stars too, :)
Congrats, this is really cool!

Hammocks & High Tea said...

oh my goodness, that was sooo cute! The tees look fantastic!

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