Saturday, August 29, 2009

A conversation with my soon to be 3yrd old son right after putting him down for his nap today.

Manny: "Mommy, I'm scared!"
Me: "why?"
Manny: "the hippopotamus is scary!!"
Me: "what hippopotamus? I don't see it!"
Manny: "right there behind the door!"
Me: "where? I don't see it."
Me: "ok let me see... nope I don't see it."
Manny: "you don't see it? I don't see it either... Mommy want to play?"
Me: "huh? nooo time to take a nap!"
Manny: "AHHHHH MOMMY MY BACK IS GONE!!!!" (while trying to look at his back)

Now what do you say to that?!

Me: "ok let's go play!"
Manny: "yay let's go play, let's go play, let's go plaaaaaayyyyyyy...."

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