Loomstate for Target

Friday, May 8, 2009

I had been meaning to write about this and completely forgotten until today when I came across this billboard in the Houston Street train station (taking the 1 uptown). So here is an eco brand, Loomstate, partnering up with a big chain like Target and a couple of questions come to mind once I see the price range for this limited collection which retails at $14.99 to $44.99.

If you work making clothes for mass America you know volume = lower prices. Furthermore, you also know that making clothes locally will not bring you the same $$ profit that it will if you were making it overseas. Right? right. So how are they achieving these prices when we all know that organic goods are more expensive than non-organic. My guess is that these are being produced overseas with lower quality fabrics... And here is where all the questions come to mind.

What happens to carbon footprint issue? Do we just push that concern aside for the sake of affordability? What about quality? That can be disregarded as well? I do understand we have to start somewhere but seems like now a days people are pushing away from the original concerns that led this whole movement. Years ago if I would have been asked by the eco conservatives where my line was being produced and I would have said overseas the whole issue on carbon foot print along with concerns of sweatshop production would have been thrown in my face I would have been left no press. Now however, seems like its enough with labeling something organic and not bothering with the details.

I haven't seen the line yet so perhaps I am wrong on the quality issue but I'm pretty sure I'm correct on the other. I don't know, but from the pictures it all looks like disposable clothing aka H&M. To check out the collection click on the image above.

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