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Friday, February 20, 2009

Just wondering if it's only me but my penmanship keeps getting worse!! What happened??? I had the perfect penmanship growing up. Going to school in Peru you we're only allowed to write in script, so when I came to the U.S. it was hard for me to get used to print (weird, perhaps). Hence, I was ahead of my class when we got to mastering script. So what went wrong?? I am trying to decipher if it’s all due to my years of studying and trying to write down as much as possible (you know what they say about doctors!) or is it this damn technology. I can type away faster than I can process a though... So here it goes my very first poll... I'll take any comments as well... It's now 12:27 am NYC time and this is how much this is bothering me that I had to log on and post. Fyi, my penmanship is now a mix of print and script within a word... in other words, a hot mess!

What's to blame when it comes to poor penmanship?

  1. Damn those college years...
  2. Move over spellchecker, time to blame the keyboard
  3. Simply comes with aging
  4. A combo of all three?! (this can't be good)

*And because life just can't be simple I am unable to use the poll function within this message*

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