Teenage poetry

Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking through old notebooks is the truly the best! Reading them allows you to reflect on how much you've grown as an individual. This here is something I wrote when I was in my mid teens (we're talking mid 90's : ))...

In Motion

To think of the wonders of the world
To fly high and not look back
To taste someone’s pain as if it was your own
Abilities too pure of a soul

To quench for what you have
To live and never die
To see and not go blind
Aspirations that we’ll ever have

You dare to see but yet behold
You take a breath but then you choke
You ask why but don’t pick up
Wasting my time is what you are

To listen is step one
To understand what’s hard to find
To search is a must
To lead and not follow
To sleep is a choice
To awake to the truth is irrevocable
To die is just dust
To live is to move on!

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